From October the 2nd 2009 until January the 24th 2010: Special Exhibition “CARAVAGGIO-BACON” (Rome, Galleria Borghese)

swf-tempFrom  October  2,  2009  to  January  14,  2010,  the  Galleria  Borghese  will  celebrate  the quatercentenary  of  Caravaggio’s  death  by  displaying  his masterpieces  together  with twenty paintings by one of the great artists of the second half of the twentieth century, Francis Bacon, whose birth centenary of falls this year.  These two extreme figures have entered  the collective  imagination as “accursed” artists, who expressed  the  torment of existence in their painting with equal intensity and creative brilliance.  Their  lives  separated  by  three  hundred  years,  these  two  disturbing  figures  will encounter each other for the first time at the Galleria Borghese, which will be enhanced by thirty masterpieces of the two masters from the world’s leading museums. 

The  curators  of  “Caravaggio–Bacon”  are  Anna  Coliva,  the  Director  of  the  Galleria Borghese, Claudio Strinati, Special Superintendent of  the PSAE and  the Polo Museale of  the  city of Rome,  and Michael Peppiatt,  a biographer,  intimate  friend,  and  leading connoisseur of Francis Bacon, while  the exhibition  is organized by MondoMostre and made possible thanks to the support of BG Italia, ENEL and Vodafone.

The  exhibition  at  the Galleria  Borghese  offers  a  juxtaposition  of  Caravaggio’s  paintings with those of Bacon, encouraging the visitor to enjoy the consequent exceptional aesthetic experience rather than follow a customary historical and critical reconstruction.   Therefore,  it does not  intend  to  theorize  an  influence of Caravaggio on Bacon, but  to provoke  visual  impressions  and  evoke  spontaneous  correspondences  through  formal juxtapositions. There is nothing of Caravaggio in Bacon, who was not inspired by him, but if there is a contemporary artist who is comparable to Caravaggio it is indeed Bacon.  Caravaggio  and  Bacon  are  among  the  deepest  and  most  revolutionary  interpreters  of  the representation  of  the human  figure. Within  the differences  of  their poetics  and  times,  they both penetrated  the mystery  of  existence  and  art with  devastating  originality,  representing  spiritual truth in the most traumatic immediacy of flesh.



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