Latest book: CARAVAGGIO, LO STUPORE DELL’ARTE, by Rodolfo Papa

Caravaggio’s masterpieces still arouse emotion even 400 years after his death. The fascination emanated by the figure of the painter, and the controversial yet seductive image that time has created around him, have certainly helped keep interest in his paintings alive, where skilful play with light is the absolute protagonist. Yet there is no doubt that the greatness of Merisi lies precisely in his art and his ability to represent, especially through chiaroscuro, the reality and at the same time the perennial nature of everyday scenes and religious stories.  Rodolfo Papa, through detailed study of the canvases and cultured interpretation of documents, sources and iconographies, introduce readers directly into the extraordinary world of Caravaggio, whose talent always accompanied a refined culture that placed him without equal ahead of masters and rivals, enthusiastic admirers and sworn enemies. The ferments in Rome, Naples, Malta and Sicily, where Caravaggio moved among saints, popes, aristocrats and bankers, create an evocative background to the adventurous life of the painter, who was utterly and majestically capable of immersing himself in daily life to turn its values into a dimension that – like his art – still remains timeless.

Author: Rodolfo Papa – Pages: 336 – Format: 27×32,6 cm – Illustrations: 205 – Binding: boxed, bound, canvas, jacket – Price: € 144 – ISBN: 978-88-7743-346-6        click here for any information


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