Stolen Caravaggio work recovered in Germany (from CBC News)

A valuable Caravaggio painting stolen two years ago in Ukraine has been recovered in a joint effort by German and Ukrainian authorities, police announced in Berlin on Monday.  The large chiaroscuro painting, known as The Taking of Christ (and alternately as The Kiss of Judas), was recovered on Friday and has since been verified and authenticated by German art experts, according to a statement from German federal police.  “The Ukrainian authorities have valued the painting in the tens of millions,” the police statement said. Others have estimated that the work could fetch up to $100 million US on the black market.  On Friday, German police arrested four men — three Ukrainians and one Russian — who were attempting to sell the canvas to a buyer in Berlin. The men are suspected to be members of an international art theft ring.  In Ukraine, officers then arrested another 20 individuals suspected to be involved with the gang of art thieves. … READ MORE ON CBC NEWS


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