New Caravaggio Painting Possibly Found In Rome, Vatican Newspaper Reports (from “The Huffington Post”)

ROME — The Vatican newspaper reported Saturday that a new Caravaggio painting may have been found in Rome, but cautioned that further analyses are required before it can be attributed for certain to the Italian master. The front-page story in L’Osservatore Romano came out as Italy celebrates the 400th anniversary of Caravaggio’s death. This weekend, churches and a gallery in Rome housing works by the painter will stay open overnight to mark the anniversary.  The painting in question depicts “The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence” and belongs to the Jesuits in Rome, the paper said. It did not say where the painting was being studied or who was examining it.  An image of the work published above the headline “A New Caravaggio” shows a semi-naked young man, his mouth open in desperation, one arm stretched out as he leans over amid flames.  “It is up to further analyses and an in-depth documentary, stylistic and critical examination to provide us with answers ….. READ MORE ON “THE HUFFINGTON POST”



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