An improbable investiture (A day dominated by the impulsiveness: Investiture of Caravaggio deleted!)

By Egizio Trombetta. What really happened on the day of the investiture (which failed) by Caravaggio.. After appropriate checks I decided to make public what happened that day. Investiture yes/investiture no. Delays, tension, spites: Caravaggio lost a chance? But it made sense to give him a Knight of Malta post-mortem? In the video, Monsignor Sandro Corradini contributions (with English translation), Maurizio Marini, Giuseppe La Fauci, Federica Gasparrini and Grand Prior Fra’ Giuseppe Masi.

15.09.2010. In those days, the days of the anniversary, last July, many people have heard of post-mortem of the investiture of the Order of the Knights of Malta to Caravaggio. The investiture was supposed to take place Saturday, July 10, 2010 in Principina, in the province of Grosseto.  The ceremony was scheduled for 7.45 pm after the conference held at the convention center “La Fattoria Principina.” The conference, organized excellently in my opinion, at least in intention, by Grand Prior, Fra’ Giovanni Masi and by the architect Giuseppe La Fauci. The conference had international speakers such as Professor Maurizio Marini, Monsignor Sandro Corradini, the architect Giuseppe La Fauci and Professor Federica Gasparrini. Everything seemed perfect, that day had all the ingredients for a memorable day, at least in the affairs regarding the Caravaggio. What was important is that at the end of the day Michelangelo Merisi  was to become again, but post-mortem, a Knight of Malta. So it was not. Professor Marini is came late, the Grand Prior, Fra’ John Masi, annoyed at the delay of Maurzio Marini, has not allowed a reasonable time for his speech.  Why? To punish Marini for his delay? But the Grand Prior knew who he was Professor Marini?…..   READ MORE AND VIEW THE VIDEO ON “EGIZIO TROMBETTA BLOG”


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