Caravaggio work on loan to be centerpiece (by Nancy Gilson from “The Columbus Dispatch”)

A painting by Italian master Caravaggio will serve as the centerpiece of an exhibit opening in October at the Columbus Museum of Art.  Ecce Homo ( Behold the Man) – to be lent by the Musei di Strada Nuova, Palazzo Bianco in Genoa, Italy – will headline “Caravaggio: Behold the Man! The Impact of a Revolutionary Realist” as part of the museum’s celebration of the Columbus bicentennial.  “Last year was the 400th anniversary of Caravaggio’s death, and there has been Caravaggio mania since then,” said Dominique H. Vasseur, director of curatorial administration and curator of European art for the museum, 480 E. Broad St.  “I thought how great it would be to bring one of his works to Columbus. His paintings are quite rare, and most of them are in Italy. … Conveniently, Genoa is Columbus’ sister city, and I think the museum there realized how important this would be for us.”

Ecce Homo(1606) will be teamed with 10 works by artists inspired by Caravaggio. The biblical-themed painting depicts Pilate showing a bound Jesus to a hostile crowd. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was as noted for his lifestyle as he was for his often-revolutionary paintings. He lived a life of excess and seemed always ready to participate in a brawl. After one in which he killed a man, he fled Rome with a price on his head. He died in 1610 at age 38, possibly of a fever. Caravaggio strongly influenced painters who followed….. READ MORE ON “THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH


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