Caravaggio, True Man of the Renaissance (by Susan Hallett from “The Epoch Times”)

It is impossible to exaggerate the influence of the Renaissance on  Caravaggio, who was born in 1573 and died in 1610. It was a time when  individuality, autonomy, and creativity were the ideals, and a time  (14th – 16th century) when such men as Savonarola, the spiritual leader  of Florence’s Dominican Order, San Marco, terrified those he came in  contact with. It was also a time when Machiavelli, famous for power  politics, lived. The wonderful exhibition, “Caravaggio And His Followers In Rome,” at the  National Gallery of Canada until September 11, helps the contemporary  world understand this great artist and his times. Co-curators were Dr.  David Franklin, director of the Cleveland Museum of Art, and Dr.  Sebastian Schutze, professor and chair of the Department of Art History,  University of Vienna. The exhibition will also be shown at The Kimbell  Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas where it will be on view from October  16, 2011, to January 8, 2012…. READ MORE ON “THE EPOCH TIMES”


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