Unknown Caravaggio painting unearthed in Britain (by Dalya Alberge, from “The Guardian”)

He altered the course of Western art with a completely new approach to light and form, yet barely 50 works created by Caravaggio during his 38 years have survived. Now scholars claim that one more, a previously unknown painting, has been discovered in a private collection in Britain.  The oil on canvas depiction of Saint Augustine, an expressive, mature work dated to around 1600 – when he was 28 – is to appear in print for the first time in a book on Caravaggio produced by Yale University Press.  A leading scholar, Sebastian Schütze, professor of art history at the University of Vienna and one of the book’s co-authors, called the work a significant discovery.  He said: “It has never been published. What looked like an anonymous 17th-century painting revealed its artistic qualities after restoration.”. The painting fits in to Caravaggio’s oeuvre around 1600, when his style was sculptural and monumental, with powerful movement and emotional expression…. READ MORE ON “THE GUARDIAN”



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