Darshan Singh Bhuller present: CARAVAGGIO, EXHILE AND DEATH

Caravaggio: Exile and Death takes the audience on a journey of a man’s search for forgiveness and redemption after a life fascinated with youth and sexuality, violence, solitude and love. Scarred by imprisonment and the Catholic Church’s dismissal of his works, Caravaggio lived a painful and dramatic life. Combining highly physical choreography with stunning projections and a beautiful soundtrack, Darshan has created a show that tells the tempestuous story of Caravaggio’s life and art.  CLICK HERE FOR THE OFFICIAL SITE AND INFORMATION

“He’s been here before, and thank God for that. Brave, heartfelt and far from subtle, he takes on some of the most difficult and divisive ills in our society and turns them into vivid agit-pop art.” The Times, 2007

“Bhuller’s approach is sufficiently oblique and inventive as to make what you feel about the violence greater than what he actually shows.” The Independent, 2003



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