CARAVAGGIO, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN CUBA (by Elizabeth Lopez Corzo from

The painting of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610), one of the greatest Italian artists, will be exhibited for the first time in Cuba next September 23 at the National Museum of Fine Arts.  Considered one of the first great exponents of Baroque, Caravaggio was a polemic figure. He was equally loved and hated by the Church although great part of his work have religious themes, the artist didn’t draw the deities in the conventional way.  People were outraged by the naturalism with which the painter reflected the saints or why he represented them with faces of common people. In his work he treats pain and other tragic aspects of everyday life, which was not customary in art back then.  That vision was shown through the use of chiaroscuro that although it was not a technique created by the Italian, it was actually him who gave it a more solid body when darkening the shades and transform the object in an axis of light, ever more penetrating. This is how he worked sharper in the physique and psychology of his characters.  Although Caravaggio didn’t establish a workshop many other artists followed his trend. Besides his work, in this exhibition are abundant the Caravaggio-like pieces from several generations. The exhibition includes 13 canvases and “The Narcissus”, indispensable piece in the career of the great painter and undoubtedly a huge gift for art lovers in Cuba…. READ MORE ON CUBASI.COM


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