november 16, 2011 – february 5, 2012: exhibition “ROMA AL TEMPO DI CARAVAGGIO”

The Special Superintendency for the Historical and Artistic Heritage and for the Museum Cluster of the City of Rome presents the exhibition “Rome on Caravaggio’s Day”, curated by Rossella Vodret, and organized with the support of Civita and Munus.
Throught 140 works from all over the world – some of which have never been shown in Italy before now –, the exhibition reconstructs the fabric that held the Eternal City’s art scene together at the time when the great Caravaggio lived and worked in it.

The exhibition examines what many have described as a crucial period in Italian painting, starting as the sixteenth century drew to a close and Rome was still reeling from the trauma inflicted by the Lutheran schism, and developing, with ever-increasing vigour, through the reigns of four important Popes: Clement VIII Aldobrandini, Paul V Borghese, Gregory XIV Boncompagni and Urban VIII Barberini. Although this singular period only lasted for a short time, just forty years, from about 1595 to about 1635, it was what happened in those forty years that determined so many of the developments in European artistic practices until the end of the seventeenth century…. READ MORE ON THE OFFICIAL SITE


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