Caravaggio painting eaten by rats… or maybe pigs (from TheMaltaIndependent)

The story appeared last week in but had been circulating before that.  Journalist, painter and antiquarian Pierluigi Massimo Puglisi asked the head of the anti-Mafia unit Pietro Grasso if he knew where the painting by Caravaggio dated 1609, Natività con i Santi Lorenzo e Francesco d’Assisi, which was stolen from the San Lorenzo oratory in Palermo in 1969 and never found, ended up?   The anti-Mafia’s head’s reply was a chilling one: “We need more time because the situation is rather complicated, but we believe the painting ended up in the hands of ignorant people who hid it in a pigsty where the pigs ate it.”  The rumours about this disappearance had also been revealed by ‘pentito’ Gaspare Spatuzza towards the end of 2009, but the information was not considered to be trustworthy.  Now the confirmation has come from no less than Pietro Grasso and seems very clear: it is useless for people to expect the painting to be found in some mafia boss’s strongroom, because …..  READ MORE ON THEMALTAINDEPENDENTONLINE


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