“BENTORNATO CARAVAGGIO” (Welcome back Caravaggio): Caravaggio (BG), Italy: semptember 30, 2012

BENTORNATO CARAVAGGIO is an event created and organized by Decima Musa Caravaggio.

On Sunday 30 of September 2012 will take place and it is in the context of the 12th edition of the event “io, Caravaggio” , organized by the City of Caravaggio and planned from September 28th to October 4th 2012.

BENTORNATO CARAVAGGIO is an international meeting; the purpose is make a great tribute to Michelangelo Merisi, as known as “Caravaggio” and show how and in how many ways the great Master and his art live in the world.


BENTORNATO CARAVAGGIO is open to every fans of Caravaggio’s painting, to everyone have so far inspired their works, organized events, realized manufacturers, entitled something, in the name of Caravaggio.

Participation, regardless of the quantity and the type of material shown and purposed to the public, are contributes for variety, the key to success of the event.

Can participate: entities, institutions, publishers, film producers, authors, artists, photographers, cultural organizations, theater companies, musical groups,hotels, various kind of activities, wine and food companies, restaurants, chefs, fan clubs, people who love the painting of Caravaggio and even people named Caravaggio or Michelangelo Merisi.

Attending as spectators  is anyway considered a sort of participation and contribution to the event.



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