New Caravaggio drawings discovered in Italy (from ABC News)

Italian art experts have reportedly discovered around 100 drawings and a number of paintings by the young Renaissance master Caravaggio, in a find that could be worth up to 700 million euros.  The artworks were found among a collection of works held at Sforza Castle in the northern Italian city, which were done by the pupils of painter Simone Peterzano, with whom Caravaggio studied from the age of 11.  Photographs of the works, extracts of which were published in the Italian media, range from preparative anatomical sketches to religious scenes.  The newly-unearthed works could be worth around 700 million euros ($840 million) according to experts Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz and Adriana Conconi Fedrigolli, who has been studying the paintings for two years, the ANSA news agency said.  “It was impossible that Caravaggio had left no trace of his activity between 1584 and 1588 at the workshop of a painter who was famous and sought after at the time,” Bernardelli Cruz was quoted as saying in La Repubblica daily.  The estimate of their worth is based on the average sale price at auction for drawings by Renaissance artists over the past few years.  Art experts have attributed the works to Caravaggio, but the city, which owns the works, urged caution.  “The drawings have always been there, and have never yet been attributed to Caravaggio…. READ MORE ON THE ABC NEWS


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