Scholars Doubt ‘Rediscovered’ Caravaggio Drawings (from New York Times)


ROME — As grand academic claims go, the researchers who say they have found dozens of drawings by the young Caravaggio chose a rather unorthodox way of making theirs. On Friday the researchers, Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz and Adriana Conconi Fedrigolli, made their findings public in two e-books — each available in four languages — for sale on They also have a Web site,, boldly proclaiming the finding of “one hundred rediscovered works” by Caravaggio, the Baroque artist. But some art historians and Italian officials quickly expressed skepticism about the attribution, or dismissed it outright, with one leading curator calling it “a total invention.” Tomaso Montanari, a professor of Baroque art at the University of Naples, said: “They didn’t pass through a scientific peer review, and that gives them little credibility. The Web site that claims that this is a great discovery reminds me of TV sales promotions. From the scholarly point of view, it really has no value.” The two authors claim to have identified about ….. READ MORE ON THE “NYTIMES”


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