Caravaggio: a Murderous Artist (from

The personalities featured on the blog this week do nothing to debunk the idea of artists having fiery temperaments. On Tuesday, we told the tale of Baroque architect Francesco Borromini, whose bitter rivalry with fellow artist Bernini is thought to have led to his tragic suicide. Today, we have another dramatic life story and another Baroque artist – Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio – who was born on 29 September 1571.


The Taking of Christ, Caravaggio, courtesy of the National Gallery of Ireland, under a CC-BY-NC-ND licence

Did you know?

Here are five things that you might not know about Caravaggio (from

PLAGUE: He lost most of his family to the plague that devastated Milan in 1577, when he was just six years old.

VIOLENCE: He was a dangerous man whose violent attacks held a particular kind of logic: a waiter who questioned his taste was rewarded with a plate in the face; a man who insulted Caravaggio behind his back was in turn attacked from behind with a sword.

MURDER: Caravaggio fought a pre-arranged duel with a man named Tomassoni. The quarrel is thought to have been over a woman, Tomassoni’s wife. The fight was to the death and Caravaggio won.

INSULT: The Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome houses a Caravaggio painting,The Conversion of St Paul, and a rather clever insult to a rival artist, ….. READE MORE ON BLOGEUROPEANA.EU


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