Clear-cut shadows: the potted Caravaggio (from

Theatre: Caravaggio. St James Cavalier

10ddfd0a0b98afc436ccb7901a9a39853506302593-1356012307-50d31b13-620x348The life of great artists must, by virtue of their fine work, be good ground for analysis and investigation. It is often their backgrounds, their influences and their experiences which allow them to create such a strongly productive outpouring of emotion in their creative work.

This is precisely what scriptwriter Alfred Palma attempted to explore in his well-researched, original monologue, Caravaggio, interpreted by Mario Micallef for the Talenti Theatre Company earlier this month.
Palma’s well-constructed script had Michelangelo Merisi di Caravaggio recount his tale though minor commentary on his friends, acquaintances and mentors, allowing them to emerge as the main storytellers. They give their view of Caravaggio as he developed from boy to man and discuss the part they played in his rise to fame as a painter and his notoriety and downfall as a brawler, a Knight of the Order of St John, and a man fighting an irascible temper and childhood demons.

As an exercise in memory and characterisation, Micallef succeeded in ….. READ MORE ON “TIMESOFMALTA.COM”


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