9780393343434_p0_v1_s260x420Andrew Graham-Dixon’s Caravaggio:A Life Sacred and Profaneis essential reading for anyone interested in this mercurial late 16th, early 17thcentury Italian artist, whose brilliant, often disquieting work challenged the conventions of the Mannerist style that preceded him and opened up the path of gritty realism for artists in the centuries that followed.  The book creates a more subtle, complex, and persuasively human portrait of a man too often reduced in the past to the caricature of the bad boy artist—violent, promiscuous, rebellious and anti-social.  Graham-Dixon’s Caravaggio is all this, and at the same time deeply empathetic with the social outcast and the needy, and a serious, intentional student of the art and literature of the past as well as of his contemporaries.  While much of his brief time on earth was mired in the darkness that pervades almost all his painting, he is here portrayed as sincere in the spiritual aspiration characterized by the sharply contrasting light.  He was an ardent practitioner of “chiaroscuro”–and not only in his canvases : “Caravaggio’s life,” writes Graham-Dixon, “is, like his art, a series of lightning flashes in the darkest of nights.” Michelangelo Merisi, named Caravaggio after the town of his origin, was born into the very…… READ MORE ON “THEBUDDHADIARIES.BLOGSPOT.COM”

3 thoughts on “CARAVAGGIO: A LIFE SACRED AND PROFANE (from The Buddha Diaries)”

  1. Da leggere: “Caravaggio the last act”
    “CARAVAGGIO-ultimo atto” ed.Innocenti, aut.Giuseppe LA FAUCI

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