Forgotten Caravaggio On Show In Small Clerkenwell Museum (from Londonist)

The-CardsharpsTucked away in a corner of Clerkenwell between Victorian apartments and modern offices, stands the 16th-century St John’s Gate, now part of the Museum of the Order of St John. During one of the regular guided tours of the museum, we were amazed to discover that the little-known historical home of the Order and St Johns Ambulance was also the new home of a long-forgotten Caravaggio painting. We spoke to the museum’s curator Tom Foakes about how an important piece of Baroque art has ended up on the walls of a small Clerkenwell museum.

Hi Tom, what can you tell Londonist about the Museum of St John’s latest loan?
The Museum has recently been loaned Caravaggio’s The Cardsharps. This is very exciting for the Museum for a number of reasons. The painting is from a private collection, and this is the first time that the painting has been put on long-term display. As the Museum of the Order of St John is free, it is now available for all to see. Caravaggio had a very close relationship to the Order, having fled to their Island home on … READ MORE ON LONDONIST


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