The hidden treasures at The Palace (from MALTA INDEPENDENT)

4347199491-10-caravaggio-beheadingofthebaptist-The-hidden-treasures-atThe very last lecture in the series organised by Salvatore Musu was held last Monday, earlier than usual because of the coming Presidential changes.The talk was given by Mr Musu himself, but it was made much more interesting by the wonderful slides of Daniel Cilia. Knowing how these things work, these splendid pictures of The Palace’s art treasures will one day be appreciated in a glossy book, as happened in the past.A talk about the hidden treasures of The Palace could have some people asking whether there are still treasures that have not yet been discovered, but Mr Musu almost immediately revealed one such hidden treasure.He showed and proved that the doorway that stands in the background of Caravaggio’s famous Beheading of St John is an exact copy of the doorway of The Palace on Archbishop Street.Then followed shots of the basement of The Palace, where visitors are not allowed. There are the usual arches similar to any building from the Knights’…. SEE MORE ON MALTA INDEPENDENT



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