The St. John the Baptist will come back on April 11 in St. Stephen of the Augustinians (from “Della storia d’Empoli)

Next April 11 will come back in its place in St Stefano’s church in Empoli.

This is the St. John the Baptist , faithful copy of an original Caravaggio , exposed and preserved since 1851 in Nelson Gallery of Art in Kansas City; in the past have been made several reproductions of the original work , one of them came from Rome and was brought to Empoli around the twenties century by Giovanni Marchetti, our fellow citizen born in what is now via Marchetti as well as bishop of Ancyra.
The date execution appears to be around the year 1602 and was owned by Ottavio Costa , Genoese banker .

The copy back after being the subject of a restoration that lasted a couple of years , also supported with the help of the Rotary Club of Empoli.
At this time the painting has undergone some recent tests including a “computerized axialtomography” with which to scientifically analyze the pigments color and brush strokes, even to define the assignment it’s at present not defined.

On Next April 11 it will return in its place … READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE


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