There has been a lot of converstion in art world circles, both here and internationally, about fakes or overly optimistic attributions. For some time copies of a work called Magdalene in Ecstasy have been circulating in Europe, but in October last year, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica announced the original had been discovered. The artist? Caravaggio no less.

The lost masterpiece Magdalene in Ecstasy (detail above, full image blow) surfaced in a European collection and was pronounced real by one of Italy’s most respected art historians and president of the Roberto Longhi Art History Foundation in Florence, Mina Gregori. ‘Real’ would translate into a value of more than £20 million.

he current understanding is that Caravaggio was bringing the work back to Rome on a sailing boat in July 1610 from Naples, where he had been cooling his heels in expectation of a papal pardon for his knifing of a waiter in Rome. The work was possibly intended… READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE


Magdalene in Ecstasy


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