The Hand of Caravaggio: A 400-Year-Old Italian Baroque Mystery (from Daily-Kos)

caravaggio1Look at that painting. What are your first impressions? Most importantly, what is the man on your right doing? If you said that the man on the right is moving his right arm up and out in a gesture of surprise then you see what I do. If you say that the manhas moved his right arm up and out in a gesture of surprise, then we disagree. Notice that man’s right hand; do you see how that hand is bigger than his left, which is coming out of the canvas in your direction? How is that? Why?

That is one of our mysteries.

Proportionally, the man’s left hand, which is nearly poking you in the nose, should be painted much larger than the man’s right hand, which is a full double-arm’s-and-a-chest’s-length away. But Caravaggio painted that ratio all wrong. Why? I believe he did it to suggest motion. Not completed motion. Not a still life … READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE


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