Now available on Amazon Video the show “CARAVAGGIO XXI”

CARAVAGGIO XXI is a work of great visual impact yet extreme simplicity. One show only images and music they can enjoy the entire global audience. Using the technique of “tableaux vivants”, the scenes are composed of minimal elements (fabrics of varied colors and texture, common objects) which are used by the actors as they “compose” the 21 canvases in front of the audience. Once constructed, the paintings created the scene that would have appeared in the artists’ studio. The costumes and fine drapery are transformed in seconds by the ability of the actors who each take on the role of model, scenographer, costumer and props manager. The action is immobilized as if illuminated by one lone flash of lighting as one moment, one “perfect” gesture brings to life the heart of the painting. The impeccable iconographic precision, the expressive force of bodies and faces in the characteristic lateral “cut” of light, fully bring out the “poetry of reality” which constitutes what distinguishes the works of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Stage play – Duration: 40 minutes – Format HD 16:9 – Author & Stage Director: Ludovica Rambelli – Movie Director: Massimo D’Alessandro – Music from Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and others – Production Malatheatre & Ars Tua Vita Mea

Amazon-Instant-Video  Download here the full version of the video



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